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T he Haddon Township Police Department is a full-service police department serving the citizens in and around Haddon Township, New Jersey. Our department features several sub-divisions (listed at left) who work together to provide exceptional services and safety to our citizens.

Community Policing Department

The Haddon Township Police Departmentís Community Policing Officer is Kirk Earney. Officer Earney is tasked with assisting and addressing quality of life issues that are important to the citizens of Haddon Township. He works closely with varied members of the community, and community based organizations, to identify and solve problems. He is the D.A.R.E. (5th grade students) and Adopt-A-Cop (3rd grade students) Coordinator. In that role he is responsible for staffing additional officers to assist in teaching in the programs. Officer Earney is also responsible for both the Safety Patrol and Crossing Guards. The Community Policing Unit also provides school safety programs, crime prevention seminars, and senior citizen fraud seminars.

The Haddon Township Police Department also initiated a Neighborhood Watch Program. The program is designed to assist the police department with observing suspicious incidents and criminal behavior. Members are requested to contact police when something is observed. All that is asked of a member is to watch their neighborís home, as they would want their neighbor to watch their home. Members will also receive E-mails about current crime trends in their community.

Any group or organization that would like the assistance of the Community Policing Unit for a crime prevention seminar can contact Officer Earney.

Officer Kirk Earney can be contacted at:
(856) 854-1176 ex. 4134