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A t the Haddon Twp. Police Department, our primary focus in on the safety of our citizens. Therefore, we strongly believe that communication, education, and awareness among our citizens is of utmost importance. Here, you'll find some information we feel you should be aware of while living in our Township. Please navigate through the links to the left to learn more.

Property & Evidence


The Haddon Township Police Department had 276 incidents that required the collection of either evidence or property in 2004. These items are logged and secured by the Evidence Officer. Any Officer can collect and submit evidence/property but it's the job of the Evidence Officer to maintain and organize the evidence/property in the evidence room. All evidence/property follows a strict "chain of custody" from the time it is collected until its final disposition is determined.

Any item that may be perceived as having "evidential" value in an incident can be seen as evidence. The following is an example of evidence collected in 2004: drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.), weapons (firearms, knives, etc.), objects containing latent fingerprints, store security tapes, and seized money. Once an incident is adjudicated and with the approval of either Haddon Township's Municipal Prosecutor or the Camden County Prosecutor's Office (depending whether the incident was a disorderly persons offense or a crime) a disposition for the evidence is made. Drugs are destroyed in an incinerator and firearms are melted at a foundry.

Found /Recovered Property

The Haddon Township Police Department's Property and Evidence Section is the depository for numerous amounts of found or recovered property. Every piece of property received is logged and stored up to six months. Efforts are made to identify and contact the owner of any property that is in the Haddon Township Police Department's \custody. In 2004, 22 bicycles were turned over to the police department as being found. Several bicycles were returned to their owners due to them being properly registered. If a resident of Haddon Township would like to register a bicycle they can contact the Haddon Township Police Department at (856) 854-1176 ext.4129.

Surrendered Firearms

Any resident living in Haddon Township may surrender any weapon or ammunition at the Haddon Township Police Department for destruction.

Evidence/Property Questions

Any questions pertaining to evidence or property can be directed to Detective Kirk Earney (856) 854-1176 or Kearney@HaddonTwppolice.com.

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