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A t the Haddon Twp. Police Department, our primary focus is on the safety of our citizens. Therefore, we strongly believe that communication, education, and awareness among our citizens is of utmost importance. Here, you'll find some information we feel you should be aware of while living in our Township. Please navigate through the links to the left to learn more.

Careless Driving

Most vehicles traveling along the residential streets of Haddon Township respect our community and travel in a safe manner. However occasionally, a motorist will drive at an exceptionally high rate of speed or in a careless manner, putting our residents in jeopardy. Unfortunately, we as a police department do not have the resources to be in all places at all times. That is why we are asking the residents of Haddon Township to work with us in curbing the problem of speeding and careless driving by notifying us of those who drive in a dangerous manner. Please write down the vehicles registration plate and a description of the vehicle. Send us an e-mail with this information including the location where the violation occurred and a brief description of the incident and we will contact the registered owner of the vehicle. Please send your e-mail to wschwartz@haddontwppolice.com. For additional traffic information, click here.

Haddon Township Emphasizes Pedestrian Safety

Haddon Township -Haddon Township Police Department has been educating its youth and seniors in pedestrian safety and this summer will be stopping and issuing summonses to motorists who place those pedestrians at risk. This comes as part of a Pedestrian Safety Grant received from the New Jersey Department of Highway Traffic Safety.

An average of 160 pedestrians are killed in New Jersey every year and pedestrians account for 21 percent of all motor vehicle related fatalities with children and senior citizens especially at risk.

This initiative, combined with the Haddon Avenue streetscape project, which focuses on pedestrian safety, and the new pedestrian crossing design on Macarthur Avenue in front of the Rohrer Library shows that Haddon Township cares about its pedestrian community.

Pedestrians are reminded to always cross at the corners and to look both ways before stepping into the lane of traffic. Be alert. Don't assume cars are going to stop for you and always obey traffic signals, especially "Walk/Don't Walk".

Motorists need to be on the look out for pedestrians as motorists are required to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Do not block or park in cross walks and obey speed limits.

When motorists and pedestrians work together we can have a fun and safe summer season. If you have questions or need to contact the Haddon Township Police department call 911 for an emergency or (856) 854-1176.