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It is the policy of the Haddon Township Police Department to utilize body worn video/audio cameras (BWC) to assist agency personnel in the performance of their duties by providing an accurate and unbiased recorded account of an incident.


Haddon Township Officers will follow and comply with the Body Worn Cameras/Mobile Video Recorders Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The purpose of this SOP is to maintain guidelines for the use, management, storage, and release of audio-visual media recorded by body worn video/audio cameras (BWCs). BWCs are intended to enhance officer safety, produce effective materials for training and to produce an additional method of collecting evidence to prosecute those who violate the law.

All agency personnel will use this equipment (including accessing recordings) consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines, the Haddon Township SOP, and those policies, directives, or guidelines issued by the New Jersey Attorney General and Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

Visuals of HTPD's Body Worn Cameras  

Body Worn Camera.png

Haddon Township uniformed officer wearing a body worn camera

Screenshot 2022-08-03 9.26.22 PM.png

Haddon Township plain clothes officer wearing a body worn camera

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