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Our patrol division is the backbone of the Haddon Township Police Department. 

HTPD’s patrol officers are most visible to the public, surveying and serving in the community 24-hours a day, and they’re the first responders to calls for service, including auto accidents, medical emergencies and crimes in progress.

The presence of our officers on patrol aids in crime deterrence and voluntary compliance with traffic regulations, as well as lends to the ability to create authentic relationships with community members, which is central to the Haddon Township Police Department’s commitment to community-oriented policing.

Officers in our patrol division participate in mandatory and specialized in-service training, including in crisis intervention, de-escalation tactics and the handling of extraordinarily dangerous criminals and incidents.


Our Criminal Investigation Unit includes highly-trained detectives responsible for performing follow-up investigations to crime reports.


This unit is always on call and is responsible for responding to crime scenes, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and initiating covert investigations, particularly for cases involving narcotics and burglaries.


Our criminal investigators are selected through a formal process and undergo additional specialized training as part of their assignment.


"It’s a proud feeling to protect the people in the community I grew up in."
-  Sgt. Robert Preziosi 

The Haddon Township Police Department is committed to the concept of community-oriented policing. We’re proud members of the Haddon Township community and we work hard to build and foster trusting and professional relationships with the people we protect and serve.


Some of the ways we do that is through educating and empowering our citizens to play an active role in crime prevention, ensuring quick response to all calls for service, and engaging with our youngest citizens through our school-based programs. 

Our officers participate in the anti-drug education program, L.E.A.D., and the  Adopt-A-Cop program, which pairs third-and-fifth grade classrooms with an officer for the school year to foster positive perceptions and build relationships with law enforcement.


The department also hosts senior citizen fraud prevention seminars, participates in community events, such as National Night Out, and leads a Neighborhood Watch initiative.

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