Haddon Township Dog Licensing and Enforcement


The Haddon Township Police Department has responded to several incidents over the past several weeks involving dogs running at large resulting in several attacks.  One of those incidents resulted in the death of one dog while another incident resulted in injuries to both the dog and the dog’s owner who was attempting to protect his dog.


As a result of these incidents, our officers have been instructed to take a zero tolerance approach to incidents of dogs running at large.  When a loose animal is spotted, our animal control officer will be contacted immediately, the animal’s owner will be identified, and a citation will be issued requiring a court appearance.  This can become an expensive experience and one we would prefer to avoid.  (Ord#104-15)


While investigating several of these incidents, we have learned that several of these animals were unlicensed and vaccinations were outdated.  *If you have not already licensed your pet, be sure to do so immediately to avoid being cited during the Haddon Township Pet Census.  Cut and paste the below listed link into your internet browser for the Haddon Township pet license application. This can be done via mail or by visiting the Municipal Building Tax Office weekdays between 8:30AM and 4:30 PM. *All applicants must provide proof of a rabies vaccination that is valid through November of 2014.



*We would encourage residence to regularly inspect their leashes, fencing and gates to insure their animals are adequately contained for the safety of others.


Thank you


*Other relative Ordinances

Ord #104-18 Dogs must be controlled while on a leash of no more than 6ft long.

Ord#104-14 Limitation on number of dogs.  (No more than (2) two dogs per household)

Ord #104-2 (License required annually in the month of January)


The below listed link with take you to the entire Haddon Township Dog Ordinance.