Patrol Division                    

Police services are provided through twenty four hour patrolling of the Township. Crime deterrence and voluntary compliance with traffic regulations are aided by visibility of patrol resources. Special emphases will be directed to documenting crime and unsafe conditions that are observed by an officer or reported to the officer. Mandatory, specialized and in-service training will be provided to all personnel which will enable them to handle extraordinarily dangerous criminals and incidents.


The department is committed to the Concept of Community Policing, informing the citizens about techniques of crime prevention and encouraging citizen involvement and support of law enforcement. Quick response will be provided to calls for service and personnel will provide courteous, professional advice, and assistance as required.


The safe and orderly flow of vehicles within the township shall be facilitated through proactive patrol and specialized techniques. Accidents are investigated, documented, and analyzed to determine the most effective deployment of the traffic enforcement resources, the analyses will also assist in improving traffic engineering.