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The Haddon Township Police Department is proud to partner with the Camden County Prosecutor's Office in establishing a comprehensive county-wide Special Needs Registry.


Individuals with special needs and their caretakers are encouraged to submit any pertinent information to the Camden County Special Needs Registry, including physical descriptions, defining characteristics, known routines and favorite attractions of the individual. 

The purpose of the registry is to ensure all individuals receives the help and support they need, and to assist law enforcement officers in effectively and efficiently responding in emergency situations. 


The information provided is confidential and will only be used by law enforcement. If any of the information on the registration changes you are encouraged to re-register.

For individuals with autism, the HTPD also offers free seatbelt slip covers that identify the person as being autistic. The seatbelt covers are meant to alert officers and others that the individual may exhibit behaviors that can be associated with autism spectrum disorder, such as being non-verbal, and to provide them with appropriate help.

To reserve a seatbelt cover, please contact HTPD Captain Tim Hak at

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